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Concrete Crack and Foundation Repairs in Christchurch.

We understand that concrete, despite its durability, does not last a lifetime. That’s why we provide a full rehabilitation service for slab and building foundations, to ensure your building work stays at its peak.

Once a crack has appeared, it is important to repair the damage as soon as possible so as to avoid further deterioration. Existing damage can expand on account of a change in temperature, ground movement and excessive loads – remember, prevention is far cheaper than repair.

Call on our slab specialists, the number one choice for building repairs

A trusted service for foundation and concrete crack repairs in Christchurch, the team at Heritage Relevellers are slab specialists, and have stood at the forefront of the industry for the past thirty one years.

The team at Heritage understand the root causes of concrete cracks, and after an initial consultation, will inform you of the best way to treat this instance of deterioration.

We are able to deliver services including, but not limited to:

  • Foundation repairs
  • Concrete crack repairs (both floor and structural)
  • Joint sealing
  • Application of protective coatings

Why rely on us?

We are dedicated to providing top level customer service, and will always go the extra mile to deliver honesty, integrity, innovation and excellence.

Our team of slab specialists understand that no two jobs are the same, hence our commitment to delivering a bespoke service, tailored to your specific needs. We always go the extra mile to ensure that all foundation and slab repairs are completed to the highest of standards. Plus, our years of experience ensure that we maintain a strong attention to detail and carry each a job with the utmost care.

Fully trained and certified, our team of slab specialists are masters of their craft. We utilise high performance products that exceed industry standards.

Get in touch today – we’re always on hand to discuss the job at hand and our service for earthquake restoration and foundation repairs.